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What is bookbeak?

BookBeak is the first app-based platform that aggregates African short stories from published and unpublished writers and then serves those African stories to our global subscriber base.

We realized that there are a lot of amazing African writers with great stories to tell but no platform for their stories to reach the world. Similarly, we also noticed that there’s a large number of parents looking for more representative stories to read their children and even for themselves. We decided to connect these African storytellers directly with people yearning for their kind of content.

We believe everyone has a story to tell.

  • Kiddie’s Stories

    As a parent, you’re always looking for new stories to read to your kids to keep them entertained and also for bedtime. With BookBeak, your child gets to enjoy a large library of African short stories every day and night.

  • Create Your Own

    Ever thought how cool it would be if there was a story about your little one? With BookBeak you can create one in minutes. Choose from one of our many stories and simply type in your child’s name to replace the main character’s name with your little one’s name and make them the hero’s of their own story.

  • Adult Stories

    Sometimes you’re just looking for a good weekend read and not an entire novel. BookBeak holds an impressive and ever-growing library of African short stories from a range of publish and unpublished authors.

  • Audio Shorts

    We all know that our little ones love visual and audio stimulation. That’s why our BookBeak inventory also includes a range of audio shorts designed to keep them entertained and engaged with uniquely African stories.


Available on iOS and Android

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*Authors* - Join our storytelling platform and earn money when you submit your stories.


Does BookBeak own my story once I share it with them?

No, your content is always your property and remains so.

How are the revenue sharing percentages calculated?

The revenue share bracket a writer falls into depends on the number of downloads their stories receive

How do I as a content contributor know that the payment I received is appropriate?

Writers will receive an analytics report outlining the downloads they received and therefore the associated payment

As a subscriber, can I also contribute or suggest writers to BookBeak?

Of course, at BookBeak we believe everyone has a story to tell.

Is BookBeak only available in South Africa?

BookBeak is a proudly African platform with global reach. We accept stories from anywhere on our amazing continent for the world to enjoy.


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