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Download African short stories for children, adults and in various African languages. Also, choose from a range of international best-selling titles.

African short stories in your hand.

Anywhere. Anytime.


BookBeak is ideal for parents looking to introduce their children to African literature and read them bedtime stories that are more representative – culturally and linguistically.


BookBeak empowers signed and unsigned authors of short stories by giving them means to expose their stories to a global audience and make a living from it!


Nowadays none of us have much time to read, that’s why BookBeak is also ideal for adults looking for short, on-the-go or weekend reads of local stories.

Constant Kids Content

BookBeak saves parents time by constantly serving them new short African stories for their children, eliminating the need for parents to keep hunting for new material to keep their children engaged with. The stories come to them.

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By providing these short stories to our readers on their mobile devices, we satisfy their desire to read great local content anywhere and anytime. Additionally, unlike a paperback, your smart device doesn’t take up space, so it’s extremely convenient to carry your stories around with you. Plus, once a short story is downloaded on one smart device it is available on all your connected smart devices.

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African Short Stories in your hand.

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